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Introduction to the Concept of Smart, Sustainable and Green Cities

In the first webinar of GreenLink, we invited two experts: Jaewon Peter Chun and Miguel Mósca, to give us a general introduction to smart cities and to share their career stories with us. We included great resources and opportunities for youths in particular who want to start learning and gaining more experiences in the field of smart cities and sustainability. 


Meet Our Speakers


Jaewon Peter Chun is the president of the World Smart Cities Forum. World Smart Cities Forum (WSCF) is a non-profit organization headquartered in London, UK, focusing on helping the public sector (central government and municipalities) how to solve urban challenges such as urban regeneration, the gap between rich and poor, unemployment and environmental issues. WSCF also provides the governments with the strategy of establishing the mechanism of sustainable growth model for the city.

He is also the Chief Executive Officer of ARK-i Labs, a New York-based smart city design & investment company, plays a pivotal role in leading smart city projects by planning smart city master plans and raising funds from the private sector. Currently, ARK-I Labs is engaged in smart city projects in more than 7 cities around the world.

Mr. Chun is also the CEO of XnTREE, a New York and London based tech accelerator that runs a smart city innovation programme for the global startups, which is called "Smart City Tech Sandbox" XnTREE engages deeply with large corporate partners and the early-stage tech community to bridge the client/supplier gap, we provide access to growth capital and do it all from global leading centers.



Time and Speakers TBA

June 19


What are Smart Cities and how can this concept benefit the post-pandemic world? Join us in learning and discussing how we can build sustainable cities for the future as well as connecting with other passionate leaders and youths.  

July 17 - 18


How can smart city technologies such as AI, digital twin and IoT, enrich city operations as well as peoples' lives? It is also crucial that buildings and transportation systems are sustainable, what are some energy transition strategies?

August 28


What are some economic benefits from building smart and sustainable cities? It is important that these benefits are inclusive and equitable, so what economic models can we implement?

September 25 - 26


What are top smart cities doing and how are they changing to adjust to the post-pandemic world? Here we look at Canadian and international case studies of smart cities to see how innovations and solutions are tailored towards individual cities.

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